Burn Fat Build Muscle – Tips For Workouts And Diets

Two of the most discussed topics in the fitness industry involve weight loss and muscle development. Contrary to popular belief, the ‘burn fat build muscle’ regimen actually functions as a symbiotic unit.

This regimen requires maintaining a moderate calorie deficit, eating plenty of protein, HIIT cardio, appropriate supplements, and necessary recovery time. And for those of you who have been training for 6+ months, you can still successfully recomp if you apply the below objectives.

Food Habits

Losing weight is a matter of controlling what you’re eating and doing exercises regularly. Most people get into the state of putting on weight, because they’re inactive, tired after work or have terrible eating habits.

Meals that require microwaving, fast food and other sources of junk nutrition aren’t good for you and will bloat your body with difficult-to-burn fat, also known as saturated fats. Cook yourself up some vegetables and red meat to provide your body with the fiber it needs to cleanse your body while providing the protein it needs for muscle generation.

If you’re a vegetarian and want protein vegetable protein is an excellent alternative. Vegetable protein is less fat and contains no carcinogens, unlike animal protein.


Strategize your exercise regimens early on to ensure that your workout aligns to your goals. For example, if you’re aiming to lose weight, high-intensity short-term exercises might not be the perfect fit. Instead, you should consider aerobic exercises.

These are low-intensity, long-term exercises such as walking, cycling, and swimming. It requires your body to utilize oxygen and helps metabolize fat cells quicker and more efficiently. You can fit these into your schedule by walking or cycling to work.

My personal favorite is 30-60 minutes of walking first thing in the morning. Not only does it burn extra calories, a brisk morning walk in the fresh air is a great way to clear your mind and set you up for the day.

For muscle building, aim towards anaerobic exercises. This will enforce the breaking down of muscle, in turn, forcing the muscles to build up faster and bigger. Balancing your goals is also critical. Bigger muscles mean more calories burnt, but it won’t make up for how ineffective anaerobic exercises are at burning off fat.

Anaerobic exercises are high-intensity, short term exercises around five-ten minutes long. This usually doesn’t progress long enough to get to the oxygen-using stages. Free-weights are an excellent way of doing such exercises.

So there you have it. Lean gains are certainly the way to go. They’re not as exhausting and counter-productive as the traditional methods of bulking. That said, you’ll build muscle more efficiently over the long run by focusing on making “lean gains” as opposed to overeating.

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