Michelle Rene Fitness Testimonials

      She's awesome! She tailors workouts to my individual needs and gives helpful dietary guidelines. I'm really happy with what I'm learning so far and I'm excited about getting stronger.

    Marya K.

      Michelle is awesome, she has a really positive attitude and you can tell that she is interested in helping you reach your goals. I am pretty new and she always explains everything to me and is really patient. I plan to continue working with her and cannot recommend her highly enough.

    Andrew W.

      Michelle really tailored my workout to my personal goals and I started feeling and seeing results the first two weeks! Her routine accompanied by the diet she suggested really helped me turn my body around. She’s also very good about knowing your body’s limits and won’t throw you right into something that’s too intense for you. If you’re looking for a fun and well educated trainer Michelle is for you!

    Angela L.

      My husband and I both see Michelle and we love her. She gives us separate workouts to help focus on our different goals. She provides us the tools for success outside of the gym. For my husband, it's a strict meal plan but for me (being pregnant) she helps provide options around what I can stomach. We never found that level of help from our old trainers at the gym. It's nice that we can go together, but get our own personal experiences from it!!!!

    Jeri S.

      Michelle was awesome, I very professional and friendly. Definitely recommend to start with her program

    Ihab A.