Michelle Rene Fitness offer a wide range of programs to fit everyone's needs. These programs were designed for both men and women to get results in as little as 30 days. Years of experience allow me to tailor each program to fit you. If you are looking to attain the most amazing body of your life, this is the answer. 

30 Day Reformatory


Band Work



Iron Maiden (2 Phases)



Metamorphis (2 Phases)



Prima Donna Toning



Total Body Transformation



Features & Benefits

Personalized meal plan tailored to suit your body type, goals and lifestyle.

Custom workout program designed to help you achieve that physique you've longed for.

Bonus ab routine aimed to build a ripped midsection.

Top 10 helpful tips in enjoying the best cheat meals.

Nutritional guide detailing the serving facts behind healthy food options.

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